Day 2: Father Abraham

Today’s reading: Genesis 12-23, Psalm 3-4

Our reading today traces the story of Abraham, the person often recognized as the father of three religions of the modern world: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The story begins with Abraham obeying God’s call to leave his homeland and trust where God would lead him. These themes of obedience and trust become central in the storyline not only of Abraham’s life, but of the Christian faith.

Abraham is not always perfect–offering his wife Sarah into the arms of two kings when he gets scared are definitely not his best moments. But the Bible does not shy away from telling the truth about human behavior, which is good news for us. Even in our imperfections, we can still press on, aiming for greater obedience and trust.

One of the most tender moments in the Bible is found at the end of today’s reading. In his marriage to Sarah, Abraham had experienced both blessing and turmoil, joy and sadness, and they had persevered in sharing a life together. How beautiful to witness Abraham, upon Sarah’s death, show her great honor by so carefully selecting the place for her burial.

You’ll also begin noticing as you read today the great significance that is given in Scripture to the naming of people and places. The stories built around these names became an important way of remembering God’s activity, passing on to future generations the record of their faith.

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2 Responses to Day 2: Father Abraham

  1. Patricia McKeithen says:

    I’m doing the reading in the Message, so it truly like reading a story, and the well-known parts become “new”. I have the Bible app in my cell phone and the Perfect 100 agenda in my iBooks app if I don’t finish all the reading at home (or want to finish up in bed while Eddie is sleeping).

    I never realized that Abraham remarried!

  2. debbie says:

    So amazed at how fast the reading has gone each day. In fact, I’m using a study bible and I keep wanting to read the commentaries and annotations for each verse. I’m a born student of God’s word and didn’t realize it fully till this study began. Praising God for that realization.

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