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Day 13: Consequences

Today’s reading: Numbers 10-19, Psalm 19 Welcome to the Twilight Zone–or so it would seem in a set of readings today that are reminiscent of sci-fi or even horror scenes. What in the world is going on? I’m turning to Old Testament scholar … Continue reading

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Day 12: An Open Table

Today’s reading: Numbers 1-9, Psalm 18 For all you accountants out there, you should have enjoyed checking the math in today’s reading. For the rest of you, sorry you had to suffer through it all. In the Book of Numbers, we once … Continue reading

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Day 11: Jubilee

Today’s reading: Leviticus 22-27, Ps 16-17 Previously in the book of Leviticus, we have seen hints that the Israelites would be expected to treat the poor and oppressed with compassion and justice. Today, we are introduced to the radical notion of jubilee. … Continue reading

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Day 10: In Pursuit of Holiness

Today’s reading: Leviticus 11-21, Ps 14-15 In the details of today’s reading, we find the framework being laid for how God’s people are supposed to behave. Every society constitutes itself according to a certain set of expectations and rules, whether spoken or unspoken.   Today’s … Continue reading

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Day 9: Atonement

Today’s reading: Leviticus 1-10, Psalm 12-13 Perhaps as you began reading the book of Leviticus today, you felt like you were wading through the fine print of a legal contract.  Eyes glazed over as you read about all the sacrificial offerings and the meticulous … Continue reading

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Day 8: Prone to Wander

Today’s reading: Exodus 32-40, Psalm 11 It doesn’t take much for the Israelites to abandon their commitment to the covenant. Just a little impatience over Moses spending so much time on the mountain with God is enough to do the job. In the absence of their leader, they look … Continue reading

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Day 7: The First Building Project

Today’s reading: Exodus 20-31, Psalm 10 Today’s reading begins with the giving of the ten commandments to the people of Israel, followed by a detailed list of additional laws which they are also expected to follow. Here in chapters 20-23, the boundaries are being set for the kind … Continue reading

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Day 6: Passover

Today’s reading: Exodus 12-19, Psalm 9 Our reading begins today with the story that tells the origin of the Jewish celebration of Passover. The story has a disturbing component to it–one which challenges our picture of who God is. If God is all-loving, merciful, and gracious, how are … Continue reading

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Day 5: Civil Disobedience: The Legacy of Shiphrah and Puah

Today’s reading: Exodus 1-11, Psalm 8 Their names are only mentioned once in the Bible. Their story is told in seven short verses. Yet, were it not for the courage and cleverness of these two midwives, an entire generation of young Hebrew men … Continue reading

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Day 4: The Dreamer

Today’s reading: Genesis 36-50, Psalm 7 Young Joseph sure knew how to rile up his brothers. Spurred on by his father’s favoritism, Joseph flaunted his esteemed position among Jacob’s boys, taunting the other eleven with his dreams. His arrogance is finally more than they can … Continue reading

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