Day 69: The Final Vision

      Today’s reading: Ezekiel 38-48, Ps 106

As the book of Ezekiel comes to a close today, we are the beneficiaries of one more fantastic vision. This is one that the Israelite people could sink their teeth into. If wheels and soup pots and dry bones didn’t capture their imagination, an elaborate description of the rebuilding of the Temple would surely get their attention.

Ever since its construction in Jerusalem, the Temple had been the sign of God’s enduring presence with Israel. For this symbol of national pride to be ransacked by the Babylonians had crushed the spirit of the people. What better way for Ezekiel to rebuild hope than to create anticipation for a home for God and a place of worship for God’s people that will be even better than before! It is the culmination of his project of hope and gives the people a tangible sign for the future.

Containing both the architectural plans as well as the protocol for worship, Ezekiel’s final vision reveals that God’s plan is not only for the rebuilding of an edifice but also the rebuilding of community. Note the description in Ezekiel 46:9-10–the people will not simply come in, make their offering, then turn around and leave. Those who come in from the south will leave by the north and vice versa, allowing them to interact with their brothers and sisters from tribes who live on the other side of the “holy square.” Not only that. . .the prince will also join them when they come. The new temple will be the place where they bind themselves in love both to God and to one another.

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1 Response to Day 69: The Final Vision

  1. Dale says:

    What better time than now to state my profound and deep appreciation to you, Steve! Just as God has been showing us through the Old Testament how much He loves His people, you have been sheparding and accompanying all of us on this amazing journey through God’s Holy Word, The Bible. God’s truth and love must go forth through all generations. Your guidance is certainly one of the ways to achieve this awesome responsibility, Thank you for your committment and leadership. Without your challenge, we all would have missed this incredible opportunity. Don and I have really enjoyed reading together, even when some of the details are very tragic. Through it the resounding message is: Tthere is hope and love in our Lord,

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