Day 75: Looking Back, Looking Forward

Today’s reading: Zechariah 1-14; Malachi 1-3; Psalm 114-115

Congratulations! You did it! If you’ve been following the reading plan for the perfect 100 up to this point, you have now completed the Old Testament. Only a small percentage of people will ever accomplish that feat, so go ahead. . .give yourself a hand.

In the closing sentences of Malachi today, we hear the words “Remember” and “Look Ahead.” For Christians, they are the perfect words to connect the Old Testament and the New.  Having read the Old in the last seventy-five days, you now have a deeper  appreciation for the story of our faith. You understand more fully the context into which Jesus Christ was born. It is important to remember this context. The coming of the New Covenant does not dismiss or negate what came before it. In the New, we see the fulfillment of what was intended in the Old.

Throughout the coming days, you’ll become even more aware of how integrally linked the two testaments are. As you begin to read the New Testament tomorrow, keep your eyes open for allusions to the Old. It probably won’t take long to spot some you recognize on the very first day–Matthew was fond of quoting from the Hebrew Scriptures as a way of authenticating the story of Jesus to the Jewish community.

Look ahead. The good news of the gospel is coming!


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