Day 88: Unwavering

       Today’s reading: Acts 19-28; Psalm 133-134

As we wrap up the Book of Acts today, it is inspiring to read about Paul’s commitment to his calling. Heckled,  imprisoned, threatened, beaten. . .nothing could repress his indomitable spirit for sharing the good news that had been shared with him on the road to Damascus that day. So when he sensed that it was time to go back to Jerusalem and face the authorities there–even if it meant death was on the horizon–he didn’t flinch. He could not be swayed even by his closest companions, who would have preferred that he play it safe by staying put in Asia Minor.

What we see in the final chapters of Acts is Paul using every opportunity–even as a prisoner–to communicate the gospel. He even preaches to the king, who admits that if he spent much more time with Paul, he himself just might be converted (26:28).

Paul’s unwavering commitment to share the good news with others should challenge us in 2011. We have lost the sense of urgency that he and others in the early church had for inviting others into the faith. It is unlikely that any of us will ever face the level of persecution for being a witness that Paul did. The question is. . .are we willing to risk at all?

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1 Response to Day 88: Unwavering

  1. Charlyn says:

    Paul makes me realize how short I fall in proclaiming boldly. I am not afraid of joining a conversation but I never initiate one. Maybe it is time for a change.

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